performance 1985 - 88, all rights reserved by beCo.



     ...and installations

“steps - the tiny waters”:   
- 1987 / 88 -
from a cyclus "the five elements"
for the exebition "light and performance" art academy düsseldorf, mai 1988.
curator Prof. Nan Hoover -  5’46’’.

  holz - video abspielen 

“wood”:   - 1988 -
light and performance beond the cycles "the five elements"
three mirrors under a swinging pendulum, sending spots of light to a dark space.
a dancer moves in squares arround the earth eclipse to the inner space of infinity: -  5’36’’.

“granpa”:   - 1985 -
Dedicated to my grandfather, whom i never met. He was a cole miner. He died, before i was born. "work is your half life..."
video documentary of the performance in filmclass, art academy münster
students exebition, february 1985.
- about:  9’17’’.


"passage - ariadnes thread":
installation and performance with six projectors and a raft
opening of "Kunstmeile Ahlen", Curator unknown
september 1989.
location: the small rivers shore behind a bridge;
- about:  7’32’’.